Up the Stakes with Blackjack and Bingo

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Blackjack & Bingo – Games of Skill & Chance

big-brother-bingo-blackjackFans of skill-based casino card games have plenty of reasons to celebrate with blackjack games online. Here is a game that pits the player’s skill, wit and strategy against the dealer. The objective of blackjack of course is to beat the dealer without going bust. The magic number is 21 – although it’s not required to win the hand at blackjack.

Fans of this riveting skill-based game have multiple options available to them. The structure of the game allows for calculated actions, which can yield substantial returns. Players are dealt 2 cards and the dealer is dealt 2 cards, with only 1 of them being a face-up card. The player’s decisions are based upon his/her idea of what of the dealer’s hole card may be.

Card counting prowess is an aspect of blackjack. That is best reserved for land-based casinos. While this technique does not gain traction in the online blackjack arena, it is certainly a worthy skill for Vegas-style casinos. During the course of a game of blackjack, players are tasked with making decisions as to whether they will hit, stand, take out insurance or double-down. Unlike poker, blackjack is played against the pkv games dealer, and strategy charts are a useful tool to use.

Bingo! The Ideal Blackjack Side Game

The world’s most social game comes to life in a dazzling audio-visual display at the premier online bingo rooms. While blackjack pits the players playing smarts against the house, bingo is a game based on chance. The riveting nature of bingo games, and massive jackpots on offer, are major enticements to players the world over.

For example blackjack and bingo can be enjoyed in real time at the self-same online gaming destination. Bingo comes in many different varieties, including 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo. The former is the favourite among US and Canadian fans, while the latter is played extensively throughout the UK and Europe.

Winning at bingo is a lot easier than you might think: the goal is to complete winning patterns/lines on bingo cards based on the numbers that are called. 90 ball bingo cards are made up of a 9 x 3 grid and 75 ball bingo is made up of a 5 x 5 grid. In 90-ball bingo, players can compete 1 line, 2 lines and 3 lines to win ever-increasing prizes. With 75 ball bingo, the objective is to form winning patterns which are determined before the games begin.







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