Double Down Strategy: Soft 13

    After a good weekend off, I am now continuing the ongoing series on doubling down strategy for togel hongkong . I have already covered the basic strategy for doubling hands of nine, 10 and 11. In this post I will discuss the strategy for a soft 13. It should be noted that you […]

Take in more than just ceramics when down in Icheon

While the highlight of the Third World Ceramic Biennale is in Icheon, the festival is actually spread among Icheon, Yeoju and Gwangju in Gyeonggi Province. Because this year’s events have been prepared as exhibitions that can be experienced rather than just viewed, a weekend trip to the three areas is more than worthwhile. Icheon has […]

A stop on the Grand Canal

“In the beautiful spring with flowers blooming, we set off for Yangzhou.” This line from a poem of Li Bai from the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907) has lured millions of travellers each year to the elegant ancient capital with 2,500 years of history. My recent weekend trip to the city started with the spring countryside […]

Murder of a real cop

There has been no breakthrough in the investigations into the brutal assassination of IP Douglas Nimal together with his wife in a Colombo suburb last week. Douglas was no ordinary police officer. He served in the elite STF in the conflict zone for ten years. After his return to Colombo, he was instrumental in seizing […]

Rebuffed again

In a span of two weeks, the Supreme Court has handed down a series of decisions that struck a ringing blow for political liberties and against a threatening authoritarianism. The Court sharply rebuked President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s administration with a train of three decisions that sought to curb abuse of executive power as it declared as […]