What Is Playable Ads and What are Smart Pages?

Smart Pages are search engine optimized web pages that drive massive targeted traffic to your web sites or affiliate products. They are also known as Gateway or Doorway pages.


The Smart Page concept is revealed and fully explained in the revolutionary and refreshing new book “Under Oath” by Stephen Pierce.


Over the years Stephen tested numerous methods of getting higher rankings in search engines but without any success.


One day he developed some pages without any of the methods he had tried before and uploaded them to his site. Tired of not having success with his previous methods, he paid little attention to those pages until he started getting a lot of sales and discovered that those pages were getting top positions!


Since then, Stephen has refined the pages and currently has hundreds of Smart Pages in top 10 positions driving very targeted traffic to all his web sites and affiliate products, generating thousands of dollars every month.


What “Targeted-Traffic-Machine” Can Do For YOU?

It saves YOU a LOT of time, and by that I mean – A LOT OF TIME!

Increase the ranking and traffic even more than with the original Smart Pages by using bold keywords (optional).

You don’t have to understand a single line of HTML.

Saves YOU from lethal errors and mistakes that might prevent YOUR website from getting the desired targeted traffic.

Maximize the targeted traffic by automatically finds you the Best Quality Keywords.

Gives you crucial information by automatically finds you the keywords search popularity.

No Limits! Automatically generate an Unlimited number of Smart Pages, in a Single Click, within Seconds!

YOU can save the keyword list to an ASCII file for future use.

YOU can load a keyword list from an ASCII file. The file can be one that was saved earlier, or a keyword list that was generated by another application.

Automatically creates a human made look alike site map with links to all the Smart Pages that were generated.

And much, much, more…


Get the Best Fast Traffic Formula Bonus Right Here along with What Is Playable Ads


One of the primary things you’re going to have to do is optimize the internet site for the various search engines like google and this will begin when you’re setting up your blog. There are diverse connect in’s available which might help you optimize the internet site properly and of course you’ll need to do some key term analysis and. It is significant to put quality content on the internet site mainly because the very last thing you will want is actually for men and women to fall on the internet site immediately after which immediately deposit it. You’re going to see that there’s a advantage of having premium quality Fast Traffic Formula content And this is that your those who visit the blog will stay there greater, and google will decide that is a result of of that standard content you will be delivering. Therefore you want engaging content which includes various kinds of advertising with pictures and videos.


You’re additionally going to find that there are many different social media sites accessible which will allow that share the content alongside other people like Twitter and FaceBook. There are plenty of over these obviously plus the more areas the content is observed, your more likely its to be shared that will result in more traffic to your blog. You will even find that you’ll manage to develop relationships with the individuals on the societal sites, which can offer you with a steady stream of guests to the blog.


Another place to find men and women to see the blog that is designed to be curious within the content is through the use of forums which are focused on your market market. Should you decide become any good contributor up to a forum, this could be beneficial supplying you manage your time so that its does not affect on the other marketing needs. Guest blogging may be an additional method to inform others concerning the brand new Fast Traffic Formulas weblog, particularly when you can guest weblog on a very well-liked blog. This really is not purely the one way street, since you can enable others to post on your weblog, along with any fortune they’re going to have the option to bring traffic to the site when they have fans.


There are a lot of different techniques to generate traffic to your blog but you are going to discover that your suggestions you have discussed above is a terrific destination for you to begin. If you proceed to advertise the Fast Traffic Formula blog and add fresh tall quality content for a steady factor, soon enough you can expect to possess a good following.