Tuesday indo slot 88


Yeah, it was that time again. Time to take a shot. I had the bankroll earlier this month to take a shot, took it, and went out 6th. Then, I took a monster cash-out (for me) that I’m just now making up. Also, out of 595 SNGs since 11/1/05, I’ve won 99 and wanted number 100 to be huge.

No, it wasn’t a win, but it was the largest profit I’ve made in any single tournament. Second place in these things pays $142.50 more than 1st in the $210 turbo.

I played well, got some good cards, took two horrible beats, and laid one horrible beat. The guy who won was the same guy that laid the beats on me earlier in the game. Fortunately, I had played KK like a virtuoso early on (The. Most. Beautiful. Stop. And. Go. EVER.) and had the chips to survive the beats.

Not sure how often I’m going to play this indo slot 88 game. Probably more on the weekends when the pool of players is a little larger. I recognized 75% of the players from the 105 and 210 games. Oddly, it was the two I didn’t recognize that made it to the money with me. One of them was a pseudo-maniac (not many REAL maniacs at that level, but he was close enough), and he was the guy I bad-beat to stick around after we were already in the money. I like having one maniac at the table.

They do all the work. 😉

So, anyway, there we were, one maniac and 8 guys all playing the Exact. Same. Way. Super-tight, wait for hands, bet them, follow-up with continuation bets, maybe someone throws in a snap-off bet. I got my hands early, chipped up over T3000, took my beat like a man and wound up the short-stack with blinds at 100/200, 7 remaining, and my M was 4. The two big stacks on my right let it get folded to me on the button over and over and over. So I pushed and pushed and pushed on the button. Kept getting my money in with the best hand and it held up when I needed it to.

The rest of the time, someone else (usually the pseudo-maniac) was doing the raising, but I was lucky enough they never had enough to beat me into the pot on my button. Heads-up, he had me 3-1 and I went freaking weak waiting for at least one face card. I managed to hang on for 12 hands or so, and went out when he had top two pair and I had middle two pair.

It will be interesting to see if the cast of characters changes much over the weekend. If it stays such a small pool of players, I may have to mix up my game earlier than I like. It felt really silly to just be sitting there with everyone waiting for a coin-flip. At that rate, we’ll all just win/cash in our share based on a normal distribution of cards. And that’s a recipe for losing money.


All I’m saying is, I’ve got McPheever.


If I lost, like, a ton of weight, won the lottery, pawned Mrs. Big off on a douchebag poet (I keed, I keed!), and still retained custody of my kids, then I’d have to call dibs.


Thanks to everyone for your inputs on my interview wardrobe. It’s been pushed back to next week, which sucks, since it will be the day after we move. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Also, if I get the cam early enough, I’d like to test it out. I have to use MSN Messenger for the interview, so if there is anyone out there could hook up with me for a test, I’d appreciate it.

Please wear clothes. Or, if you’re female and hot, well…. you know….