Just your average day 5. 에볼루션

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4.2 hours, 4,198 hands, $3,791, MT Ratio: 8.67, 4.66PTBB/100.
Today is not too shabby I guess, except that I was up twice as much for the day two hours ago, and I still have less money than I did yesterday morning. Name of the 에볼루션 game.
I would very much like to do better today than yesterday, both in terms of $$$ and number of hands. With the new goal of SEVENTY THOUSAND HANDS, there is no reason to be lazy. Here we go then: Gogogogogo!!!
40.6 hours, 39,308 hands, $20,691, MT Ratio: 8.61, 2.62PTBB/100 (4.2 equity adjusted).
8.9 hours, 8,130 hands, -$4,340, MT Ratio: 8.5, -2.9PTBB/100.
So I am down $16k in all-in luck this week. That’s basically all I have to say about that. I am now including my equity adjusted BB/100 in my daily report card. No, I probably wouldn’t have done that if I had been ahead.
Aside from a modest daily result things are going well. I am playing well, not having any physical problems, and people are showing some interest in the project which is all good. So I am now UPGRADING MY GOAL! 50k hands is just a short weeks work, to be a real bad-ass I gotta do 70k. I always thought 10k a day had a nice ring to it, I just didn’t quite believe myself capable of that many. The new goal should keep me from growing all fat and happy with myself the next couple of days.
Until tomorrow…
35.2 hours, 34,288 hands, $26,955, MT Ratio: 8.6, 3.8PTBB/100.
3.4 hours, 3,110 hands, $1,924, MT Ratio: 8.18, 1.16PTBB/100.
I got a late start to the day because of not being able to get out of bed, and then excercise. On top of that there was a poker lecture at the office, and many people about. All good times, but not helpful towards the marathon.
Things have settled down now, so I am counting on 5 solid hours now.
Btw ace magazine have linked to me (in danish).
And what a day it was.
21.0 hours, 20,761 hands, $10,318, MT Ratio: 8.67, 2.79PTBB/100.
10.6 hours, 10,698 hands, $18,636, MT Ratio: 8.88, 10.16PTBB/100.
That went a long way towards redeeming all of the ill luck I went through yesterday. However, I am still owed $6k on that account, so my equity adjusted BB/100 is actually 4.2 instead of the measly 2.8 I am stuck with now. Well, at least I am not stuck under a brick wall somewhere in China.


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