What do you get when you mix four Canadians, three Dutchmen, one German, one Italian, and one Pole?

If your answer is World War II, you couldn’t be more wrong. These are the finalists for The World slot onlain Crown Final Event at Perlada Castle in Barcelona, Spain between May 8th to May 10th. The final event will be broadcast live on television and the internet, and you can watch it at the World Poker Crown website.

You and I have a chance to win, also. The folks at 888.com are also giving away four tickets to the WSOP including a $10,000 buy-in to the 2008 WSOP Main Event, the 888.com Qualifiers’ Welcome Party, $2,50 for travel and $2,000 spending money, and 10 days’ accommodation in the Venetian.

So how did these lucky bastards poker players get the opportunity to play in the final event? They were the final players of an online tournament, and now they’re going to be playing for $1,000,000 in a world-televised tournament. Not a bad gig, eh?

That “eh” was for those four Canadians. There are no Americans so we’re going to have to adopt some of these folks. Canadians are almost American, right?


So, head over to the World Poker Crown website and check out the entry requirements to win your trip to the WSOP, and watch that tournament because with a million dollars at stake anything can happen.

Hanging at the Mook

Yeah, I’m playing the Mookie tonight. First time since moving to Huntsville, Ala-freakin-bama, I think.

Did I mention that the only thing wrong with Huntsville is that it is surrounded by Alabama?

Anyhoo, doing my best to donate tonight. Prediction: Bubble-boy.

Gapping downward

Taking a couple days off from the tables. I’ve been really streaky lately. Run it up, crash it down, run it back up even higher, crash it down even lower. The lack of consistency is telling me I’m not playing very well. I know whe things are trending downward, I’m ignoring the gap concept.

If you don’t know what the gap concept is, I play at Full Tilt Poker under the screen name ‘BigSlickNut’. I’d be happy to teach you.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been dealt T5o in the past week. Unreal.

But, the poker grind is going ok. Still up and down, but long term the slope is positive. I can’t really say it’s going well, though, because I’ve made a couple dumb moves where I’ve smacked my head and said ‘what are YOU thinking’?!?!?!

Better lucky than good, though, knowwhatimean?